Richard Madison, Ill. party bus driver, charged with DUI after transporting teens to prom

Richard L. Madison
Cook County Sheriffâ
Richard L. Madison
Cook County Sheriff's office

(CBS/AP) GLEN ELLYN, Ill.- Richard L. Madison, 54, was arrested after allegedly driving a bus full of high school students to their prom Saturday night while he was drunk, according to CBS Chicago.

The station reported that Madison was driving 24 students to prom in Glen Ellyn, about 20 miles west of Chicago, when the kids noticed that he was driving erratically.

The students told their parents, who then notified the off-duty police officers in charge of security at the prom, said the station. 

According to CBS Chicago, Madison was arrested immediately  and charged with misdemeanor counts of DUI and reckless conduct.

The station reported that Madison ran into a ditch and hopped over two medians after leaving the subdivision where he picked up the students.

Kelsey Dano, a passenger on the bus, told the station, "I had a feeling he was drunk when we first went into the ditch."

Dano told the station that when "We got there, we got out of the bus or whatever, he kind of was stumbling and his eyes were really red."

The DuPage County Sheriff said Madison was working for the Limos Alive Party Bus company.