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Richard Heene, Balloon Boy's Father, Wears Bra, Makeup While Ranting on YouTube

Screen Grab: Richard Heene in a brassiere.

NEW YORK (CBS) Richard Heene has shared many opinions on his YouTube channel(recently taken down), but one of his most "entertaining" offerings is Heene's rant about makeup, fake breasts, and Britney Spears, during which he puts on women's cosmetics and prances about in a white brassiere.

Photos: The Bizarre "Balloon Boy" Incident

Heene was thrust into the national spotlight after a helium balloon soared away from his Colorado home, with the self-styled "mad scientist" claiming his son, Falcon, was inside and creating a media frenzy. His son was found home alive and well, and authorities are now planning to arrest Heene and his wife on felony charges.

In one of Heene's YouTube videos, he could be seen gesticulating wildly in his kitchen, while serving up these words: "The one thing that gets me is women and makeup. You don't see men wearing makeup. To me it's a kind of clown face. I just think it's so fake. Why would a good looking woman want to put on makeup? Wouldn't like some ugly chick want to put on makeup to look like the good looking women?"

Heene then pulls out a piece of paper, on which he has used makeup to draw a woman's face, and presses it up against his face to demonstrate his new "invention" that would help women put on their make up faster.

He then complains that the cosmetics are difficult to remove, and says to viewers, "makeup: fake or real? I'm waiting for your comments."

Screen Grab: Richard Heene in a brassiere.

In a second video post, which appears to have been filmed either right before or after the makeup rant, Heene is again in his kitchen, washing dishes, when he suddenly becomes impassioned, and says, "I got a few other things I want to talk about that are fake or real. This is bothersome to me. Britney Spears: She was a cute young lady… and then next thing you know, I think she gets some fake boobs… Fake or real?"

Noting that he is unsure whether Spears' breasts are in fact implants, Heene moves on to spout his feelings about breast implants in general.

"Women who get fake boobs, I mean there's too many of them. Really we need variety. You got to spice it up," Heene says. "Make it so that like it's a rare thing instead of like everyone in the assembly line getting fake boobs. I don't find that attractive."

Heene then goes further to make his point, by saying, "Whatever you think I look like right now, here's how I can look worse."

He then puts on a white bra over his t-shirt.

(AP Photo/Will Powers)
Photo: Richard Heene's silver balloon that sent police on a wild, but unnecessary, chase for his son.

"This is completely unnatural. What do you think of me now? Do you find this attractive?" he says, placing his hands under the undergarment and bouncing around, giving viewers both side and front views of the ensemble.

"If I walked around like this would you like me? I don't think so. See that's what I'm saying," he says. "The boobs, fake, I think. What do you think? Fake or real? Which is better?"

The issue of "fake or real" is one Richard Heene will now likely face with Colorado prosecutors.

Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden said he expected to recommend charges of conspiracy, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, making a false report to authorities and attempting to influence a public servant. Federal charges were also possible.

The most serious charges are felonies and carry a maximum sentence of six years in prison and a $500,000 fine. Alderden said they would be seeking restitution for the costs, though he didn't have an estimate.

Photos: The Bizarre "Balloon Boy" Incident
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