Republican strategist: Ohio "a problem" for Romney

Republican strategist Mike Murphy talks to Charlie Rose and Erica Hill about Mitt Romney's uptick in Florida in one recent poll.

(CBS News) On "CBS This Morning," Republican strategist Mike Murphy said that although Romney is polling better in numerous key states since his solid performance at the first presidential debate, the crucial state of Ohio could be problematic for the former Mass. governor. 

"Ohio is still a problem," Murphy, who worked for Romney during his 2002 campaign for governor, said. "If he can't win Ohio, which I think he can, then he has to win a couple of states that are harder for him," including Nevada and Iowa.

As for the post-debate swing in Romney's favor, Murphy said the Republican candidate now "has the momentum" and that he's "not sure Big Bird is going to stop him," referring to the Obama campaign's focus on Romney's spending plan that includes defunding public broadcasting.

"The Obama a little rattled by this debate and so they're trying to find kind of their groove to take the race back," Murphy said. He added that they haven't been able to find their message, switching from focusing on Romney's shift in positions to Big Bird. "They've got to straighten out and come up with one theme here."

Murphy defended Romney's statement to "The Des Moines Register" Tuesday -- he told the paper that he would not legislate on abortion. His campaign, however, quickly followed up with reporters saying Romney "would of course support legislation aimed at providing greater protections for life."

"Politicians change their positions," Murphy said. "Mitt Romney is pro-life. Does that mean it's the number one priority of his administration during fiscal crisis? Probably not. You have to ask him."