Report: Man arrested for allegedly assaulting topless Times Square woman

Last Updated Sep 5, 2015 6:06 AM EDT

NEW YORK -- The topless, painted women of Times Square are back in the news. The New York Daily News reports that on Wednesday, a man named Mark Walters was arrested for allegedly assaulting one of the so-called "desnudas," after he says he thought she stole his wallet.

In court on Thursday, Walters' attorney reportedly argued that the woman attacked his client, not the other way around.

Also on Thursday, the paper reports, one of the painted women was arrested for allegedly offering to sell an undercover officer cocaine, and offering to perform a sex act.

The cases comes just a few weeks after New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio announced the creation of a multi-agency task force that would study the presence of the women - who pose for pictures and ask for tips - and whether the city can do anything to crack down on them. The mayor has said he finds their presence inappropriate.

The desnudas are just the latest in a series of issues involving costumed people in Times Square. In June, women dressed as Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty were arrested after allegedly getting into a fight over tips. In 2014, a man dressed as Spider-Man was arrested after a allegedly assaulting a woman, and in 2013 a man dressed as Cookie Monsterwas arrested for allegedly shoving a toddler.