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France's health minister says 195 people remain hospitalized

PARIS -- France's health minister says 195 people remain hospitalized after last Friday's terror attacks in Paris.

Minister Marisol Touraine told Parliament on Wednesday that three of them are still in critical condition and 41 are in intensive care.

France's justice minister updated the overall number of injured in the Paris attacks to 368 people, up from 352.

Islamic State militants have claimed responsibility for the attacks, which left 129 people dead.

The number of casualties related to the Paris terror attacks may continue to rise as the manhunt for people involved in the attacks continues.

A gun battle in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis on Wednesday left two suspected terrorists dead after a suicide bomber blew herself as police raided an apartment. Eight arrests were made.

Police thought Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant believed to have planned the gruesome attack last week, was inside the apartment with five-heavily armed people.

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