Remember To Pick Up The Check

Bob Schieffer
CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer anchors Face The Nation each week, but he's also the father of two daughters.

You can look it up. More telephone calls are made on Mother's Day than on any other day of the year and that's a sweet thing to know. Moms deserve it.

But what Day would you guess that most of the collect calls are made? You got it — Father's Day. Paying the bills is just one part of being a dad.

Fatherhood, as every dad knows, is an evolving process.

In the early years, we are adored, the ultimate authority on everything.

But as our children grow older, that changes. By the teenage years they began to suspect we may not know anything. It's as if we somehow became adults without experiencing anything having to do with school, sports, driving, music or certainly the opposite sex.

I shall never forget the first boy-girl party at our house. Mom was complimented on how nice she looked. My instructions were, "Dad, please just act normal."

And has a Father — any Father — ever told a joke that caused a teenager to laugh?

"Dad, at least try to act normal."

So for all the dads, a toast on our day, and some good news. If you're still in that stage where you are an embarrassment to the entire family, that, too, will pass.

Before long the kids will be telling you again how smart you are, even if they don't believe it, but because they love you. Or maybe because they've discovered they've learned a little something from you. That will make you proud, but by then you'll know you've learned a lot from them, too.

So dads, enjoy the day. But remember: Act normal and don't forget to pick up the check.

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