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Remarrying? Try A Familymoon

Most newlyweds traditionally spend a lot of time behind closed doors on their honeymoon, but these days a growing number of couples are turning the trip into a family affair.

Rebecca Grinnals, a honeymoon travel expert, visits The Early Show to describe the latest trend in travel: Familymoons.

Of the 2.4 million marriages in the U.S. each year, almost half are remarriages and 65 percent of remarriages involve couples who already have children. Because of this demographic, the travel/resort industry is beginning to cater to newlyweds (on their second and third marriages) and their children.

In many cases, kids stay, play and eat free making it a great value for families who plan on making this "the" family vacation of the year.

Those courting this market range from casual, affordable hotels to traditional family destinations and ultra luxurious five-star resorts.

Grinnals suggests three factors newlyweds must consider when choosing a location: Flexible Accommodations, Variety of Children/Teen Activities, and Romantic Options For Adults.

Flexible Accommodations

  • This provides privacy for the newlyweds.
  • Either connecting rooms or villa -type accommodations
  • Some resorts even offer villas with fireplaces, private pools or in-room Jacuzzi in the master bath
  • Resorts are starting to get really creative with dedicated "kidsuites" - giving kids of all ages special amenities in their very own bedrooms; such as: kid-sized and styled furniture, Nintendo game stations, DVD players with libraries, large-screen TV's, and "no parents allowed" zones. Some hotels even offer "pillow fight menus," miniature plush robes, milk & cookie turndowns, kid-friendly room service choices, bunk beds, prerecorded bedtime stories on voicemail, CD players and more.

A Variety of Supervised Children's/Teen Activities
  • A most important element is organized kids and/or teen programs that allow the newlyweds the opportunity to spend some alone time together. Any resort offering licensed, organized kids clubs or camps accomplishes this.

    In other words, make your own official "Familymoon" with the aid of a resort that enables you both quality family time as well as cherished, romantic time with no guilt that your kids are stuck in a hotel room.

  • Check out resorts offering age appropriate activities - some cater to all ages from pampering infants with professional nanny services to dedicated teen programs with rock-climbing walls, extreme sports, teen nightclubs and Internet cafes. The younger set loves the many 'camp-like' settings that have been established at resorts everywhere including professionally trained counselors who work hard to get kids involved in everything from sand-castle building contests to golf lessons, 'dive-in' pool parties with movies, sailing excursions, campfires and more.
  • Some Cruise Lines are even starting to dedicate an entire Deck to kids from 8 a.m. - 12 midnight, giving parents a pager, allowing them to indulge in the many 'adult only' activities such as wine tasting, art auctions and spending lazy days together at the pool.

Romantic Options for Adults
  • Above all else, the most important aspect to the familymoon is not to lose sight that this is still your honeymoon, Allow yourselves to act like newlyweds, be sure to select a resort that offers plenty of "Adult Only," traditional honeymoon offerings such as:
  • Separate quiet pool areas
  • Adult-only fine dining restaurants
  • Tucked -way jacuzzi
  • Private dinners for 2 on the beach
  • Piano bars
  • Spas offering couples-only massages and treatment areas
  • Nightclubs to dance the night away
  • Moonlit walks on the beach
  • Champagne Breakfast in bed and more