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Relief Pitch For Venezuela

The holidays have been full of hardship for the people of Venezuela, where devastating floods and mudslides have left as many as 30,000 dead and many more homeless.

While the tragedy has gotten wide coverage in the United States, it has hit a narrow segment of the population harder than most: baseball players.

Omar Vizquel, the all-star shortstop of the Cleveland Indians and a native Venezuelan, is among those in baseball spearheading a relief effort.

"There are about 200,000 who lost their homes," Visquel told the CBS News The Early Show Monday. "Now they're sleeping in baseball fields. We're trying to help out and have set up a fund."

Disease and exposure are sure to add to the hardship, Visquel said.

"The biggest need is for medicine and, of course, food and water," Visquel said.

Visquel said Monday that the response from other Major League Baseball players has been good.

"So far we have about $350,000," he said. "And...we hope to raise more."

Visquel and other players are asking potential donors to visit the World Vision charity site online.