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Reid Unveils His Second Stimulus Proposal

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid unveiled his version of a second economic stimulus package Wednesday, calling for “a more aggressive response to the immediate financial crisis we face.”

Speaking to reporters in his home state of Nevada, Reid outlined a package featuring many familiar Democratic proposals, including increased spending on infrastructure, an extension of unemployment benefits and relief for struggling homeowners.

The Senate is expected to take up some form of a second stimulus when it returns after the election for a lame-duck session.

However, it remains to be seen how far Reid can advance the package. Both Senate Republicans and the White House have expressed opposition to the idea of a second stimulus.

Reid also went out of his way to praise Sen. Barack Obama, saying the Democratic presidential nominee played a large role in shaping the package.

“These proposals incorporate many of the well-thought elements of the package proposed by Senator Barack Obama, who deserves credit for leading the national discussion with a steady hand during this challenging time,” said Reid. 

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