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Reid Reaches Out To McConnell On Bailout

The economic stimulus plan and auto industry bailout might be on life support at this point, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is taking one last shot at lame-duck comity in the Senate.

In a letter sent to Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) last night, Reid called on McConnell to drop his opposition to a larger economic stimulus bill that includes extension of unemployment benefits, infrastructure spending and the massive automotive industry bailout.

"Based on our conversation earlier this week, however, I understand that you currently oppose such a package and that Senate Republicans are prepared and able to block such legislation," Reid said. "This is disappointing and I hope you will reconsider."

If Republicans block the economic stimulus bill, Reid says he'll go forward with the two more pressing measures — unemployment insurance and the auto bailout.

The full letter is posted after the jump.
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