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5 reasons to add 1-ounce gold bars to your investment portfolio right now

Gold bullions.
If you're on the fence about investing in 1-ounce gold bars, there are lots of good reasons to buy in right now. Getty Images

Finding the right assets to add to your investment portfolio can be difficult — and that's true even for the most seasoned investors. For example, stocks may offer an opportunity to earn big returns on your money, but these investments can also be volatile, with a penchant for quick drops and increases in value. And, other assets, like treasuries and annuities, may be less risky, but the potential to rake in big returns is much lower.

Ultimately, the best investment strategy tends to be adding a well-diversified mix of assets to your portfolio, some of which are riskier and some of which are safer. With this type of balanced investment strategy, you're able to capitalize on market fluctuations while reducing the risk from economic downturns that would otherwise eat into the value of your portfolio. One of the best ways to diversify your portfolio is by adding gold to it. 

Gold investing offers benefits that are unique compared to even the safest traditional assets, which is one reason why gold investing has increased in popularity in recent years. But there are a lot of different gold investments to choose from — from gold IRAs to gold bars and coins and gold stocks. There are also different sizes of gold bars to consider, with 1-ounce gold bars being one of the most popular options. And, there are a few big reasons you may want to consider adding 1-ounce gold bars to your portfolio right now. 

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5 reasons to add 1-ounce gold bars to your investment portfolio right now

Wondering why you should add 1-ounce gold bars to your portfolio today? Here are a few big reasons to do so.

Price stability

While gold prices can fluctuate on a short-term basis, one of the big draws is that the price of gold tends to be steady — and grows — over the long term. This precious metal is valued by investors in large part because it has demonstrated an ability to maintain value over time, acting as a hedge against inflation and currency fluctuations. And, in times of economic uncertainty, gold often experiences increased demand, leading to potential price appreciation. 

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Liquidity and flexibility

The liquidity and flexibility offered by 1-ounce gold bars help to amplify their appeal as strategic investments. For example, the standardized weight and purity of these bars enhance marketability, facilitating swift and straightforward transactions. So, whether an investor is looking to buy, sell or trade, the compact size of 1-ounce gold bars streamlines the process.

And, in times of economic uncertainty — like what we're experiencing now — or when liquidity is paramount, the ease with which 1-ounce gold bars can be bought or sold positions them as valuable assets in an investor's toolkit. But the liquidity of 1-ounce gold bars not only provides an avenue for quick conversion to cash but also enhances the attractiveness of these bars as a dynamic and adaptable component of a well-rounded investment portfolio.


Gold bars of any size need to be stored and secured, which can come with extra costs but there are numerous storage options for 1-ounce gold bars due to their manageable size, which further enhances their appeal. For example, 1-ounce gold bars can be stored in a secure home safe, a bank's safe deposit box or entrusted to the services of a reputable custodian due to the compact dimensions, adding to the practicality of this type of gold investment.

And, given the small size of these bars, investors can tailor their storage approach based on their individual preferences and risk tolerance. This flexibility in storage options contributes to the overall utility of 1-ounce gold bars, enabling investors to incorporate physical gold into their portfolios without the logistical challenges that might accompany larger gold bars.


The relatively smaller size of 1-ounce gold bars is also a draw, as it not only aligns with a broader range of budgets but also democratizes access to physical gold ownership. This affordability factor serves as a key driver in terms of accessibility to a diverse spectrum of investors, allowing a more extensive investor base to participate in the wealth-preserving potential of gold.


Another draw of 1-ounce gold bars is that these smaller bars offer compact convenience to investors. While gold bars come in a range of sizes, the compact size of 1-ounce gold bars, coupled with the lower price point, acts as an accessible entry point for investors who are seeking to infuse their portfolios with the precious metal without committing to larger and potentially more expensive bars.

The bottom line

There are numerous gold investing options to choose from, but 1-ounce gold bars can be a strategic and accessible choice for investors who are seeking to infuse their portfolios with the timeless stability of gold without making a hefty financial commitment. And, the convergence of historical reliability, diversification benefits, liquidity, affordability and versatile storage options further positions these bars as a compelling asset class. If you're thinking about adding these gold bars to your portfolio, though, just make sure that the benefits they offer align with the needs and goals you have for your investment portfolio before buying in. 

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