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Reactions To Ahmadinejad Interview Pouring In

The Mike Wallace interview with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has unleashed a flood of reaction. The comments that have come in on Public Eye and on the news story are filled with conversation about Middle East politics and the like (not all so pleasant, let's keep the level of discourse up here folks), but we want to stick to the interview itself. We noted the criticism being leveled at Wallace and CBS News based just on the excerpts released on Friday. Now that we've all had a chance to see it, we'd love to hear your thoughts on Wallace and the interview. Here's a smattering of what's landed in our in-box thus far:

One e-mailer wrote:

I thought Mike Wallace was out of line and I thought the president did a great job of handling rude, and confrontational questions well. Not the right guy for the interview. I was impressed with the president of Iran. Well spoken, articulate, had a sense of humor. And, yes, I love the United States but that was not handled well.
Another wrote:
I think that your interview was appalling. It's a real shame that CBS has no allegiance to the US, especially while we're at war. Why don't you ever show any of the positive things that are happening because of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, instead of giving a known terrorist a platform to spew his garbage? You should be ashamed of yourself -- CBS news will never be on in my home again.
And still another:
It's about time you give Iran's perspective. Mike Wallace is showing his true colors when he cuts the President of Iran off. I have watched 60 minutes for 30 of my 45 years on this planet this is what we need in this world - open dialogue!

I applaud 60 minutes - keep the real stories coming and we will watch.

Curious to see more of the exchange? The full, un-edited interview will be available on later today and will also air on C-SPAN tonight at 8:00pm, ET.

Update: The complete interview in three parts can be seen here.

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