Rare twin gorillas born in Dutch zoo

A mother gorilla at Burgers' Zoo in the Netherlands gave zookeepers two little surprises: twins!

The baby great apes are in the care of 20-year-old mom N'Gayla, who already has three offspring. What makes the event even more special is that twins are extremely rare among gorillas, especially those in captivity. In fact, they're said to be a once-in-a-decade experience.

"In gorilla world, twins are very rare because in the last fifty years, there has only been ten births in zoos, so it's very rare," Wilco Limpers, head keeper of the great apes at the zoo, told RTV. Limpers told reporters that while the zoo knew N'Gayla was expecting, it was a complete shock when she was found one morning holding two newborns, a boy and a girl.

The newborns' father will not have any contact for the first year-and-a-half of their lives, but will play a role protecting the babies from other gorillas in the zoo. Once the babies are old enough, their dad will begin playing with them. Until then, no monkey business.

"The father is not doing anything in the beginning, only sit next to her to protect her towards the others, and when the youngsters are one and a half year old, they want to play and then he will play with them and that's quite nice to see," Limpers said.

The twins will live with their family for eight to 10 years, then they will be sent to another zoo to prevent any possible incest within the group.

Zoo officials consider N'Gayla to be a good and caring mother. And while she'll definitely have her hands full, these adorable twins confirm that the cutest animals come in two.