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Rapper Lil Boosie Indicted for First-Degree Murder; Death Penalty Possible, Says DA

Torrence 'Lil Boosie' Hatch (WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, La. (CBS/WAFB) Baton Rouge-born rapper, Torrence Hatch, known to fans as Lil Boosie, was indicted by an East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury Thursday afternoon on a first-degree murder charge for his alleged involvement in a shooting incident in October that left one man dead, reports CBS affiliate WAFB.

According to District Attorney Hillar Moore, if convicted Hatch, who is already in prison for a probation violation, could face the death penalty.

Detectives told WAFB that Terry Boyd, 35, was shot to death on Oct. 21, when bullets were fired through a window of his Baton Rouge home. A grand jury also indicted Adrian Pittman, 36, and Michael Louding, 17, for first-degree murder in Boyd's death, said WAFB.

Hatch, 27, and his girlfriend Walnita Decur, 25, were also indicted on several drug-related charges.

This is not the first run in with the law for for the flashy rapper. In September, Hatch pleaded guilty to drug and gun charges after deputies confiscated marijuana and a gun from his car. Hatch is currently in jail for violating his probation in November for leaving his house, on more than one occasion, while sentenced to home confinement.

Hatch arrived on the music scene with his 2005 summer hit "Give Me That" and achieved subsequent commercial success with his pithy 2007 club anthem "Wipe Me Down." No trial date information has been released.

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