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Raiders stadium limps along using paper cups for leaks

If the decision to move an NFL team to Los Angeles comes down to a pity vote, the Raiders might win unanimously.

Of the three teams looking to move to LA, the Raiders easily have the worst stadium. As a matter of fact, things are so bad at Coliseum that they don't even bother calling the plumber to fix leaks anymore -- they just tape paper cups over holes and pray.

That picture was taken by Kendall Gammon, a reporter for the Chiefs Radio Network, who was in Oakland on Sunday for Kansas City's 34-20 win over the Raiders. Besides the cups, Gammon was also impressed with the television situation in the press box.

As for the cups, Pepsi probably loves the free publicity. "Look at our cups: You can drink out of them and plug holes!"

Anyway, the cups aren't even the worst part about O.Co.

Back in 2013, the Oakland A's dugout became flooded with sewage, which is as bad as it sounds. Just over a year later, the stadium became flooded by sewage again and since then, it's basically become a regular problem.

Raiders owner Mark Davis has been saying for more than a year that he wants to stay in Oakland. He just wants a new stadium. Now you know why.

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