Racist fliers found on SMU campus in Dallas

Flier found on SMU campus in November 2016, and on some other campuses

CBS Dallas

DALLAS -- Fliers telling white women not to date black men have been found on the campus of a Dallas university.

Southern Methodist University said in a statement Tuesday that the fliers were found at a residence hall and were reported to university officials.

The fliers were discovered Sunday and are titled “Why White Women Shouldn’t Date Black Men.” The fliers include several incendiary claims including calling black men abusive and saying biracial children lack intelligence.

The same leaflet was also found this week at the University of Oklahoma and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and in September at the University of Michigan.

SMU condemned the message as “hateful” and says there’s no justification for hostility toward others. The school was looking into how two of the offensive flyers ended up in the stairwells of one dorm, reports CBS Dallas.

“It kind of upsets me, because I’m currently in an interracial relationship, and I feel like these flyers … you shouldn’t be able to tell anyone who they should or shouldn’t date,” student Natasha Garcia told CBS Dallas. “At the end of the day, it’s their choice.”

Students were to gather on the SMU campus Wednesday evening in what’s being dubbed a “call to action” to try to unite the school and encourage students to immediately report any acts of discrimination, the station says.