"Quiet man" fatally shot at home by Ind. police

Reelsville, Ind. residence of Bill Williams, 38, who was fatally shot by police inside his home on Sunday night, Jan. 15, 2012
(CBS) REELSVILLE, Ind. - Residents of a central Indiana community are trying to understand the shooting death of 38-year-old Bill Williams, who was killed by police late Sunday night.

Police say Williams tried to attack some officers, who were called to his Reelsville home about a domestic dispute, reports CBS affiliate WISH.

Williams lived with his two sons, one a college student, the other in high school.

Officers were called to his home Sunday night, and say they arrived to find him locked inside a bathroom. Police say he was trying to kill himself, WISH reported.

When officers unlocked the door, police say Williams ran towards them with two knives in his hands. Two officers fired their stun guns which failed to stop Williams.

He knocked an officer to the floor prompting three others to open fire, police said.

According to WISH, Williams died at the scene. Indiana State Police are investigating.

"I don't know what could have happened," Williams' neighbor Jane Roose said, "I mean if Bill attacked anyone, that's not Bill. That's not the Bill I know."

Roose says she's known Williams for 13 years. She describes him as a quiet man and a very helpful neighbor, who would plow their street whenever it snowed.