Quick clips of canine encounters with more exotic animals

(CBS News) Are you rushing around today and feel like you just don't have the time to take in some levity? If so, then I've got some very good news: you're totally wrong! Because both of these clips with humorous dog antics on display are about 30 seconds or less. (Making this post the fast food equivalent of viral animal humor!) Up first, watch this sweet bonding moment between a dog and a monkey over the sharing of a sweet. (Spoiler: there may be a bit of a twist near the end.)

Oh, monkey, you're so silly! The cute clip with a not-so-sweet twist was posted by YouTube user tommy rivera and goes to show the mischief and mishaps that can come with befriending a monkey. (They do tend to be the pranksters of the animal kingdom...) And because you're in a rush, I'm going to cut to the chase with, well, a bit of a chase occurring. Watch this clip from YouTube user Ben Hanson of another dog making a dear deer friend below. (Like what I did there?)