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Q&A With Nicole

CBS station WBBM in Chicago's "Survivor" columnist Greg Feltes interviews booted Survivor Nicole Delma and asks all the big questions.

What was your favorite moment of the short lived Nicole Delma era? Mine was when she showed up and looked very pretty. However, there were several other moments including, unfortunately for her, the fatal mistake of making a premature move on Tijuana. In an exclusive, e-mail (unfortunately for me) interview, she explains why she made the moves she did, offers her thoughts on getting assigned to an obviously weaker team and answers my very indecent proposal.

Greg Feltes: Do you think the show's editing portrayed you fairly?

Nicole Delma: I had no problem with the way I was portrayed. I think it was a little vague why I didn't get along with Tijuana and they could have elaborated on that but otherwise, I think it was pretty accurate.

GF: What was the weirdest question that you were asked during the audition process for the show? What was the answer?

ND: The interviewers kept asking about how I found out my ex-boyfriend had cheated on me. It is a long, drawn out story that basically boiled down to me telling him I knew what he had done in Europe while traveling to play volleyball (I knew he had kissed a girl) and to my surprise, he broke down and started crying (he was 6'7'' so that was odd) and told me he had actually done a lot more than that and with a lot more people. They loved that story and made me tell it over and over and over.

GF: At what moment did you know you were on the loser team?

ND: Right from the beginning. If you watch the show closely, you will see that I ran to Drake when my name was called rather than to Morgan. Survival instinct, I guess.

GF: Why did you dislike Tijuana so quickly?

ND: She verbally abused the local people in the village and embarrassed us as Americans and "survivors." I don't think anyone has the right to act like she did in someone else's home (town). Her total lack of respect and composure really bothered me and after seeing how she really acted under pressure, I didn't buy her "sweetie" act afterwards. I found it to be condescending and patronizing. All this said, if I met her on the street, I would be happy to talk to her. I am a firm believer that you don't have to be super nice to be likeable--so I just might like her in real life. The game tends to bring out the worst in people and she may have just been having a bad few days under the pressure.

GF: I guess I don't understand what your plan was. You knew that the consensus was to vote out Ryan Shoulders or Lillian. Why risk going after Tijuana and who did you plan to get for the other three votes you needed to oust her?

ND: I actually approached Lil prior to finding out from the guys that the plan was to vote out Ryan S. In fact, I had already gotten Darrah and Ryan S' agreement to form an alliance to vote out Tijuana. The editing on the show kind of skews this and makes it look like it happened afterward. If Lil hadn't been so attached to Ryan S. as to blow the plan to vote out Tijuana in order to try and save him, things would have come out differently for me. Oh well. I would have been better off not to trust anyone and to keep my mouth shut about not liking Tijuana, but I felt she was a threat in other ways, too.

GF: After you were voted out, where did you go and what did you do?

ND: I traveled around Panama and had an amazing trip. I went river rafting, hiking, diving, horseback riding, dancing. It was the most incredible experience I have ever had.

GF: Who do you think will win and why?

ND: I'm going to keep that one to myself.

GF: Alright, bear with me on this one. You are a Reality television star and I am a CBS intern. You have a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications and I am working on a Bachelor of arts degree in communications. You are a 9.5 and I am an 8 on my good days. You are a certified massage therapist and I have gotten a massage. We both like the White Stripes and "The Usual Suspects." Your hero is your mom. My hero is your mom, too. You're single. I'm single. So I guess my question is obvious...Nicole Delma will you marry me?

ND: Of course!! You might want to tell me your name first--so I can let my family know.

By Greg Feltes

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