Hard-luck kitties bond after past abuse

Kitten named Wanda (left) and Smurg (right) find everlasting bond after surviving animal cruelty.

Nine Lives Foundation/Facebook

Smurf may seem like a funny nickname for a purple-dyed kitten, but when you look underneath the fur, the scars tell a more tragic story.

The eight-week-old kitten that was possibly used as "bait" for a large dog was badly injured when he was brought into the San Jose Animal Shelter, CBS San Francisco reported last week.

But the permanent purple fabric dye and 20 deep puncture wounds found in the kitten's skin is the last sign of abuse you'll see from the cat.

Mentally, he's moved on.

Smurf the kitten poses for a photo on Dec. 31.
Nine Lives Foundation

"[Cats are] very forgiving. They move forward." Dr. Julie Desai, a veterinarian who works at The 9 Lives Foundation, told CBS News. "It's like he's forgotten what happened to him before."

With his blind best friend Wanda snuggling next to him, that may actually be true.

The 12-week-old kitten was placed in the same cage as Smurf on her first day, Dec. 29 -- and the rest is history.

"They adore each other," Desai said. "They're very happy to snuggle up together; they're snuggled up right now in their bed together sleeping."

Like Smurf, the two-pound kitten also suffers from painful injuries.

"Her left eye was crusted shut, her right eye infected and draining," the Nine Lives Foundation said in a statement. "Wanda is completely blind."

Wanda was found outside a garbage can, shivering. Luckily, a caring family brought her to the non-profit cat welfare organization.

Veterinarians believe the blind kitten will adjust really well, especially with Smurf by her side.

"Oftentimes what will happen is -- they will use their companion, follow their companion around so they won't run into things and to find their way around," Desai explained.

That's why the Nine Lives Foundation has decided to pair the kittens together.

Next week, they will head to their foster home. Hopefully, in a few months -- once their injuries heal -- they will be adopted together.

In the mean time, "go out and adopt a black kitten" in his honor, Desai suggests.