Protesters clash at Israeli-Palestinian rally in L.A.

A protester is restrained by a security officer during a demonstration on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Nov. 18, 2012, in Los Angeles.

LOS ANGELES Los Angeles police formed skirmish lines during a street clash between Palestinian supporters and a pro-Israel group staging a rally, but nobody was arrested.

CBS Los Angeles station KNX radio reports one man apparently broke his arm during a fight with a demonstrator during the Sunday afternoon event outside the Westwood federal building.

The rally attracted more than 1,000 pro-Israel supporters amid renewed fighting in the Gaza Strip, where Israel is retaliating for Hamas rocket attacks.

After the event began, a group of about 250 Palestinian supporters began demonstrating on the opposite side of Wilshire Boulevard.

"Israel is in the right to defend itself, and Hamas has no right to launch missiles at Israeli cities," Boron Seuer, a pro-Israel protester, told CBS Los Angeles.

"Rockets are not the same as F-16 bombing a very tiny strip of land that is mostly populated by civilians," an unidentified pro-Palestinian protester told CBS Los Angeles.

It triggered a Los Angeles Police Department tactical alert that drew police officers, sheriff's deputies and the California Highway Patrol officers who formed skirmish lines until the demonstrators eventually left.

(Below, watch a report from CBS Los Angeles)