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Products worth the price

Have you ever bragged to a complete stranger about an amazing deal on a cute pair of shoes?  Do you feel angst at the thought of buying something at full retail price?   The joy brought on when getting a great bargain is undeniable.  However, there are some items consumers shouldn't skimp on.  Sue Perry, Deputy Editor for ShopSmart Magazine, reveals some products that are worth the price.

Buy quality paint.  Even though you can find a gallon of paint for as little as $11, cheaper paint will take several coats to cover a single wall, and it likely won't hold up for an extended period of time.

Gas Grills should be able to weather the elements outside.  So, look for features such as premium-quality burners, stainless-steel grates, and heavy-duty construction.  You should realistically expect to spend at least $150 for a quality product.

Big-screen televisions are an investment.  If you are looking to buy a really big screen television, 50 inches or more, you'll want to own it for a while.  So go for as big a screen as you can afford from a reliable brand.

Trade up by replacing DVD players with Blu-Ray players instead of another cheap DVD player.  Blue-rays supply true high definition to your high-def TV.

Can you really afford to not get a good night's rest?  If the answer is no, a quality mattress is a must.   Don't spend below $800 for a queen-size set or you'll risk years of sleepless nights and all the effects associated with sleep deprivation.

Cheap canister vacuums can be both ineffective and frustrating.  Expect to spend around $200 and up for a quality product.

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