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Princess Beatrice inspires British fashion label's new collection

A British fashion retailer says Princess Beatrice was the inspiration for its latest collection.

Ava Mirabelle says the 24-year-old royal was the "style muse" for the label's Spring-Summer 2013 collection, which is called "Roulette Royals."

The retailer hailed Beatrice as "Britain's foremost royal with risk-taking confidence."

The collection "is constructed with perfections fit for a princess who is constantly in the public eye," according to a post on the Ava Mirabelle website.

According to the retailer, "Roulette Royals" boasts hand-sewn metallics, gold chains and silhouettes "based on a sleek foundation with an edgy allure and conservative rebellion." The color scheme is an array of pinks, mint green and "classic" whites, as well as a "lusty orange palette complemented with classic and dull gold accents."

You can see looks from the Ava Mirabelle collection here.