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Prince William in Photo Shoot for Homeless

In the studio one of London's top fashion photographers, a prince and a pauper took turns behind the lens.

CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer reports, it was Britain's Prince William up first, putting Jeff Hubbard - who spent years on the streets homeless - in his sights.

Then they switched places, and even teamed up for a two-shot, all for a good cause.

Photos: Prince William in Focus

"From where I was sitting in the chair being photographed, I thought he looked like a great photographer to me," said Hubbard of his amateur royal photographer.

The glossy photos to come out of their shoot were bought by Britain's top celebrity magazine - but neither Prince Harry nor Hubbard were keeping any of the proceeds.

It's a new approach to an old challenge; raising money to help the homeless, and help end homelessness.

It also helped reinforced the Prince's "unplugged" image, as hip, hot, and compassionate.

Williams mother, the late Princess Diana, transformed royal charity work from gracious ribbon-cutting to something much more intimate.

William has taken on her style, and her commitment to the homeless.

"Diana took both William and his brother Harry to see the homeless under the arches in their cardboard boxes, and William was really shocked," says veteran royal watcher Ingrid Seward.

Earlier this winter, William spent a night sleeping rough on London's streets. Then, in the morning, he shared cake and a laugh with some homeless children.

But stepping in front of studio lights for the same good cause has its down side; Gossip about Photoshop fixes to hide the royal bald spot and some grey hairs.

Nonsense - says the photographer: "Oh my God. The stuff that goes on in the name of creating a story! I can assure you that there's nothing retouched about his hair," said Hubbard.

And -- as William must surly be hoping -- there's no such thing as bad publicity, especially for a good cause.

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