High-profile playdate for Prince George in New Zealand

Britain's little Prince George had a high-profile playdate in New Zealand., which is part of the first official trip for the baby.

The 8-month-old son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge played with other toddlers his age at Government House in Wellington, New Zealand. He crawled around on the floor and was sometimes feisty about sharing the toys.

He had a playdate with 10 other under-ones and their parents. It was a chance for both mom and dad, and Prince George, to make friends.

But, while George may have put a smile on most faces since arriving in New Zealand, one little girl was less than impressed with George's advances. And an apologetic hand from his mother failed to stem the tears

George was then unleashed on all fours for his first public walkabout, or rather - crawlabout.

Dad, meanwhile, seemed happy to chat and leave his wife to get down with the kids.

George's first public engagement is all going on behind the gates of Government House with just a handful of cameras and one or two newspaper journalists allowed inside to record the moment.

The significance of these pictures could be measured by the number of times similar footage has been used over recent years of his father. Footage from 1983 captured William at Government House in Auckland, New Zealand.

William appeared unphased by his first photo call, the teething 9-month-old, New Zealand's future king, endeared himself to the country forever, having taking a liking to the now-famous Buzzy Bee.

Thirty-one years later, a proud father will no doubt hope New Zealand warms to his son in equal measure. It seems like he's off to a good start.

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