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Prevent the Public from Fiddling with Your Kiosk Computer

There are all sorts of reasons to set up a public kiosk -- at trade shows, conferences, and seminars, you might needs to run an automated demo, for example. You might even want to set something up full-time in your lobby. Unfortunately, any time you configure a public computer, there's a good chance people will mess with it. Short of removing the keyboard and mouse, there's not much you can do to lock out passersby without also preventing them from seeing the very presentation it's there to display. Until now.

Clearlock is a small, free utility that lets you lock the computer screen without simultaneously blanking it, as the Windows lock would do.

Clearlock does exactly what it claims; after installing it, you can use it to lock the computer screen with a transparent layer that sits on top of the running program, so casual users can't interact with the computer.

Clearlock is password protected -- so it's powerful enough to leave the unattended -- but isn't an industrial strength security app, so you have to use some common sense about the situations in which you deploy it. For example, a simple reboot is sufficient to circumvent Clearlock.

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