Trump supporters in Illinois weigh in on latest controversies

Trump supporters react

DIXON, Ill. -- At Bill & Dick's Barber Shop, Guy Ball was waiting for a haircut and weighing the news of a special counsel investigating the Trump campaign.

"Everybody is looking for something to dig at," Ball told CBS News. "It's a witch hunt, that's what [President Trump] tweeted this morning."

A life-long Republican, a Trump supporter and an avid consumer of conservative media, Ball blasted Mr. Trump's critics.

Guy Ball CBS News

"They keep saying the Russians interfered in our election. How did they interfere? I mean I never hear that talked about on TV," Ball said.

Dixon sits astride the Rock River, where Ronald Reagan was once a lifeguard. It's the seat of Lee County, which Mr. Trump won by 20 percentage points.

"I liked the way he recognized that there is a country out here," Ball said. "It consists from coast to coast. Not coast and coast."

Around the corner at Books on First, a bookstore in Dixon, Mr. Trump supporter Steve Huber said he's had it with the news media.

"I almost tune off the news anymore because it's all about how he's behaving, not what he's really doing to help our country," Huber said.

Steve Huber CBS News

But Ken Novak said Mr. Trump seems too defensive, especially about Russia.

"He tweets out that this is just a witch hunt," Novak told CBS News."You know, why didn't he just come out and say, 'OK, let's investigate it and be done with it?'"

"I think he's probably gonna be impeached sooner or later," Novak said. "But the problem is, you know, let's get to the facts first before we go that far."

Just about everyone here said the last few months have been a bumpy ride for Mr. Trump. But, as one local businessman put it: he isn't a politician and he doesn't operate like one.

Ken Novak CBS News
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