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Prepare for the Airline Potty Police.

A few months ago, the Chairman of no-frills carrier Ryan Air made headlines by suggesting that they put coin slots on the airplane toilets. No token; no entry. Heaven help your seat-mates.

Now, All Nippon Airways is apparently introducing "Eco-flights" that feature recycled cups and napkins; chopsticks made from wood generated from thinning (not cutting down) forests; and a potty monitor.

Say what? The airline apparently believes that its planes are being weighed down by, well, excrement. The extra potty weight causes planes to use more fuel and, thus, be less eco-friendly.

All Nippon is suggesting to its Japanese passengers (a spokesman stressed that this program has yet not been introduced in the U.S.) that they could help save fuel and the environment by using the facilities in the airport, rather than on the plane. Flight attendants will apparently stare down any errant passenger who makes a run for the toilet before landing.

My friend Patty, who is a "thought-leader" as they like to say at the consulting firms, suggests that passengers be required to take a laxative when they check in two hours before flight time to further reduce the weight load. She is available for consulting assignments.

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