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PowerPoint Tip: One Word Per Slide

Want to make your presentation stand out? Marketing expert Seth Godin suggests a 200-slide solution: show a slide every 12 seconds, each with just one word or image.

Why such a radical departure from the typical batch of bullet-point-heavy slides? Simple: to differentiate yourself from the crowd, to keep ideas from going stale, and to force yourself to adjust (read: enliven) your delivery. Says Godin:

What if you blew [the presentation] up? Just one word on a slide. Or, perhaps just one image (no cheesy stock please). Maybe you write "Cheaper" on one slide and "More durable" on the next...

Slides create action. When did you decide that the appropriate amount of action was six or twelve times every half hour? How would your pace change if you had 200 slides? How much better would the integration of slides and talk be?

Okay, so Godin doesn't really think you should use 200 slides. Ultimately, he's presenting this idea as an exercise, a way to get you to rethink the typical presentation and perhaps attack it in a different way.

Sounds like good advice to me. When I see a slide packed with bullet points, my eyes glaze over.

How do you spice up your presentations -- especially when PowerPoint is involved? [via Web Worker Daily]

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