Women prisoners in Pa. counting down to arrival of Pope Francis

PHILADELPHIA -- Women prisoners in Philadelphia have a lot of questions for Pope Francis, and later this week, they may have the chance to ask them.

On Sunday morning, Pope Francis will travel to Curran-Fromhold prison complex in northeast Philadelphia to meet with men and women imprisoned there, reports CBS Philly.

CBS Philadelphia's Pat Ciarrocchi sat down with some of the women who will meet with the Holy Father.

The women, Amanda, Latifa, Ruth and Shynece, will be among the 20 women and 80 men who will meet Pope Francis. Some family members of the prisoners will also be included in the visit.

"Not everyday in here we get people who come in here to actually give us encouragement or hope," said Shynece.

Several of the women say they have a countdown going in anticipation of the pope's arrival, and lots of questions.

Some of the questions on their mind: Why doesn't the pope get married? And, why does the pope always wear white?

"I've never met anyone who seems like they didn't have any kind of judgment in the back of their mind about us being here, so that's groundbreaking," said Latifa.

CBS Philly reports that the women are eager to learn more about Pope Francis too. They also were open in sharing their personal pain.

"Some lady screamed at me she was like I know you're a murderer. And I was just like, she might have been a little off. But it was embarrassing," said Amanda.

Amanda is charged with murder. She has been in prison for five years. Her trial is tentatively set for October.

Ruth is also counting down. She's been inside prison for one year and 16 days. She had been drug addicted, but tells CBS Philly she is now sober.

"I'm going to ask him for his blessing. I don't have much to give him," she tells CBS Philly.

But then, Ruth breaks out in song.

"Take me to the King. I don't have much to bring. My heart is torn to pieces. It's my offering. Please take me to the King," she sang.