Pope meets with family who drove from Argentina to see him

On their journey to see Pope Francis, an Argentinian family traveled 13,000 miles just to lay eyes on the pontiff, but they ended up getting much more
On their journey to see Pope Francis, an Arge... 01:13

Before heading back home, Pope Francis had traveled more than 7,000 miles in nine days. Impressive, but not quite as far as a family from his home country who made an epic road trip to see him.

They left Argentina in a VW bus named Francesca. Catire Walker, Noel Zemborain and their four children set off from Buenos Aires for a 13,000-mile pilgrimage.

Mom and dad quit their jobs and used savings and donations to fund the trip through the Americas -- crossing 12 borders and staying with dozens of host families.

On the way, they saw the sights -- even the White House.

Francesca the bus had its share of breakdowns...but the family pressed on.

Finally in Philadelphia, their dream came true: all six were granted an audience with Pope Francis.

Forty-one-year-old Catire Walker, center, 39-year-old Noel Zemborain, left, and their children, from left, 3-year-old Carmin, 5-year-old Mia, 8-year-old Dimas and 12-year-old Cala pose in front of their 1980 Volkswagen van, which they named Francisca. Marco Ugarte, AP

"Are you the family who traveled from Buenos Aires? You are crazy!," Pope Francis said to the family with a laugh.

There were hugs -- and then he said, "I need your prayers."

Vatican spokesman Father Lombardi made a note of the visit.

"The meet with the family touched him very, very much," Lombardi said.