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Poll: Women Would Give Up Sex to Not Gain Weight

A new poll sponsored by Nutrisystem asked 1,000 people if they would rather gain 10 pounds or give up sex for the summer. Half the women questioned said they would go without sex, compared to just a quarter of the men.

What do those responses say about people?

On "The Early Show," psychologist and relationship expert Cooper Lawrence said she's not surprised by the fuindings.

"We live in a culture where women have been told forever that body image and self-image are intertwined and that who you are as a person is what you look like on the outside," she said. "And if you put on weight, people ask, 'Are you OK? What's wrong? Is something going on?' Even ... psychologists, when they sit down to analyze somebody for depression of all ages, weight loss and weight gain (are among) the criteria. ... Weight has been ingrained both from a psychological perspective and socially."

Lawrence also mentioned the overwhelming response the poll got on her radio show Thursday night. "It was amazing," she said. "I put it out there, saying I was going to be (on "The Early Show"), (and) what we were talking about. With probably 3,000 calls only one woman called and said, 'I won't give up sex, I'm happy with the way I look.' Everyone else said what they would give up, how long they would give it up, everything from video games, watching TV to -- Everybody was thinking of something to give up."

So what about you? What would you give up? "Early Show" viewers wrote in on our Facebook page. Janine said she'd give up cutting her hair. Myisha L. said she would give up (fried) catfish to lose 10 pounds. Pam said she's not willing to give up anything -- which is a problem for her!

So what can someone do if they're obsessed with their bodies, but are increasingly overweight?

Lawrence said, "The minute you put a number on something, what is your size? 'Is this an eight dress or a six?' -- you're already in trouble. Your goal should be to be healthy. You're not going to eat the things that are bad for you and you're just going to feel better and that's the goal. You'll feel sexier, just by feeling better."