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Poll: Positive Reception For Obama Address

UPDATED WITH FINAL RESULTS CBS News and Knowledge Networks held a nationally representative poll of 547 people who watched President Obama give his address to Congress to gauge their reaction in the minutes after the president's speech.

Eighty percent of speech watchers approve of President Obama's plans for dealing with the economic crisis. Before the speech, 63 percent approved.

Fifty-one percent of speech watchers think the president's economic plans will help them personally. Thirty-six thought so before the speech.

Seventy-five percent of speech watchers now say they were able to get a good understanding of President Obama's economic plans, compared to 58 percent before the speech.

Seventy-four percent of speech watchers think President Obama's plans will make the economy better. Eleven percent think they will make them worse, while 15 percent think they will make no difference.

Eighty percent of speech watchers are optimistic about the next four years with Mr. Obama as president. Seventy-one percent said they were optimistic before the speech.

Seventy-six percent of speech watchers think Barack Obama's economic plans will help the housing crisis. Twenty-four percent think they will not.

See the full poll results here. (PDF)

This is a scientifically representative poll of speech watchers. The margin of sampling error could be plus or minus 4 percentage points for results based on the entire sample.

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