Poll: Is Debrahlee Lorenzana Too Sexy for Citibank or is Her Claim Just Hot Air?

Debrahlee Lorenzana (Saswat Pattanayak)

NEW YORK (CBS) Debrahlee Lorenzana claims in court papers that she was forced out of her Manhattan Citibank job because she was too gorgeous, according to The Village Voice.

PICTURES: Debrahlee Lorenzana, Too Sexy for Bank?

Lorenzana says she was subject to "improper comments" and was reprimanded for dressing too sexy.

She said she was told by her bosses to tone down her wardrobe, says the Voice.

"What they said to me is (other women's) body types and my body type were different and because of my body type I drew too much attention," Lorenzana told CBS affiliate WCBS.

She was fired, according to the New York Post, in August 2009, and her gender discrimination lawsuit is currently in private arbitration. The paper says that a statement released by Citibank describes the suit as being "without merit."

Lorenzana is suing for lost wages and emotional distress, according to WCBS. She hopes to teach Citibank a lesson: don't desire me, don't discriminate against me. Just let me do my job.