Poll: Cop Punches Woman (VIDEO), Justified or Police Brutality?

Seattle Police Officer Ian Walsh is Seen Punching 17-year-old in Face (CBS/KIRO)

SEATTLE (CBS/AP) The president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild, Rich O'Neil, told FOX News affiliate KCPQ that a Seattle police officer who punched a woman in the face during a jaywalking incident, used an appropriate use of force.

O'Neil says it's wrong to call the punch racist, or describe it as police brutality.

Cell phone video, which has gone viral on YouTube, shows Officer Ian P. Walsh trying to control two women Monday and punching a 17-year-old girl in the face.

Many community groups are outraged over what they call an example of police brutality. Seattle Urban League CEO James Kelly says the punch was an overreaction that brought to mind a video taken April 17 of two Seattle officers kicking a Hispanic suspect.

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