Police want Mich. teen charged in fake abduction case

Hayley Turner

Police handout via CBS Detroit

ECORSE, Mich. - Police say they plan to ask prosecutors to charge Hayley Turner, an 18-year-old Michigan woman, after investigators determined that she lied about being abducted along a road and held hostage for 16 hours.

Ecorse police Lt. Greg Blade told The Detroit News on Monday that the department will send the case to the Wayne County prosecutor's office. Charges could include filing a false police report. Turner was found Friday in the Detroit suburb.

The Monroe County sheriff's department says the woman reported being abducted after stopping her car when she saw a man lying along a road Thursday night in Bedford Township, about 45 miles away.

She reportedly told a friend over the phone that the man had a gun before the line went dead.

The department announced Sunday that a detective and FBI agent re-interviewed the woman Sunday and determined that she wasn't abducted. Monroe County prosecutors also are involved.

"During the interview there were a lot of questions that couldn't be answered and I didn't think the young lady was being very truthful with me during my investigation," Ecorse Police Lt. Gregory Blade said during a news conference Monday morning, reports CBS Detroit.

"At one point in the interview she told me, 'Wait; I'm confused.' And I just figured if you're telling the truth, you don't get confused about telling the truth. You can tell the truth every day, all day," Blade continued.

Blade said that when the 18-year-old was taken to the police station, she had a dog with her and when she attempted to explain how she got the dog, her story fell apart. He said that the teen eventually confessed that she lied.

Ecorse Police Chief Michael Moore reportedly said that he was frustrated over the case.

"...We are a cash-strapped city," Moore said. "We can't really afford to spend any dollars unnecessarily and this cost us quite a bit of money to undertake this investigation."

Authorities say they do not believe Turner acted alone; and whoever else was involved could also face charges, according to the station.