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Police Interrogation: Soccer Mom Questioned 20 Years After Husband's Death


Olathe, KS, December 17, 2001
The day David Harmon, a young banker, was bludgeoned to death in 1982, his wife Melinda said she heard two intruders demand the keys to his bank just before she was knocked unconscious. With too few clues, the case went cold. But, nearly 20 years later, detectives decided to question Melinda again about her implausible story and about her relationship to her husband's best friend, Mark Mangelsdorf. He had become a prominent New York executive, and Melinda Harmon Raisch was now a soccer mom married to a dentist in Ohio.

In 2005 Melinda Harmon Raisch was found guilty of murder and conspiracy to murder. To avoid a life sentence, she admitted that she and Mark Mangelsdorf murdered David Harmon. That forced Mangelsdorf to plead guilty to second degree murder. They were both sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison.

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