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Police Group Endorses Obama-Biden Ticket

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

(BALTIMORE) - Joe Biden and the Obama campaign received the endorsement of the National Association of Police Organizations this morning, a group that represents over 2,000 police organizations across the United States.

NAPO president Tom Nee congratulated Biden by phone and promised the organization would support Barack Obama candidacy for president.

"It's my great honor this morning to pledge to you and to commit to you the support of 287,000 police officers from around the country," said Nee.

"Joe, I gotta tell you too, man to man, we've been very good friends and you've worked so very hard on behalf of the American people for a very long period of time. We know we can count on you," Nee added.

Biden thanked Nee and promised to "re-establish" the crime bill Congress passed in the 1990's that boosted funding to police.

"We are going to put another 50,000 cops on the street," said Biden. "We're going to provide the type of technological help you guys need."

Biden said he'd put more FBI agents in positions to help local law enforcement. He and Nee agreed that police officers have taken on more tasks in recent years that federal law enforcement used to handle such as immigration, sex offender tracking, and responding to terrorist threats.

"God forbid someone puts sarin gas into a basketball arena or a dirty bomb into a football stadium -- it's going to be a local cop, it's going to be one of your guys, it's going to be one of your women," said Biden.

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