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Texas cops injured after man sets himself on fire in restaurant

CEDAR HILL, Tex.- A police officer is now in critical condition after chasing a man who set himself on fire Wednesday afternoon, reports CBS DFW.

Officer Ann McSwain was seriously burned when she ran after a suspected burglar. While running, the suspect poured gasoline on his body and set fire to himself in a Cedar Hill restaurant.

Witness Spencer Sproud recalled, "He was yelling, 'I have gas. I have gasoline. I'm going to catch myself on fire.'"

Officer McSwain allegedly tried to use her Taser on the suspect before he set the flame. She followed him into the restaurant. When she exited the restaurant, she was also on fire, according to the station.

Witnesses tried to put out the flame on the cop.

"She was burned so bad her pants were sticking to her legs -- that's how bad it was. She wasn't trying to give up. She was strong. She was rolling [on the ground], but it wasn't doing anything," Sproud said.

Two other police officers were also burned trying to catch the suspect, but their injuries were not as bad as McSwain's.

The suspect's name has not yet been released. It is not yet known what charges the man will face, says CBS DFW.