Cops: Calif. wife and lover conspired to kill husband

The victim, Robert Limon, was found shot and killed on Aug. 17 in a California rail yard complex.

REDLANDS -- Two people were arrested in the murder of a California man in what authorities say was the result of a love triangle, reports CBS Los Angeles.

Officials identified the two people arrested as the wife of Robert Limon and her lover. A rail worker with the Burlington North Santa Fe Railway, Limon was found shot dead in the rail yard complex on Aug. 17.

The arrests come three months after his death. Police told reporters that Sabrina Limon, the victim's wife, and her lover, local firefighter/paramedic Jonathan Hearn allegedly conspired and carried out the murder.

A neighbor told CBS Los Angeles that it was very shocking to hear that Hearn, 24, was arrested.

"Mom and dad very loveable, Christian family. There's no way that he would have done anything like that," he told the station.

Police won't say what led to Hearn's arrest, but only that their investigation uncovered that he and Sabrina were allegedly having an affair. Investigators would not comment on they met, CBS Los Angeles reported.

Police allege that Hearn carried out the shooting, while Sabrina -- conspiring with him -- tried to cover up the crime using social media posts, according to the station.

"Through this pain and unbelievable tragedy, Rob's love continues on," noted one post.

"God blessed US with Rob for the time he did and the love he gave was more than some ever will feel or show. I will never let Rob's love die or fade out," said another.

Sabrina Limon and Hearn both face life in prison.

Police also released security footage that shows an unidentified person walking through the complex around the time of the killing. It is still not clear who it was, according to CBS Los Angeles.