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Police: Parents left toddler alone to play "Pokemon Go"

SAN TAN VALLEY, Ariz. -- Police say an Arizona toddler was found wandering outside his home while his parents were gone playing the "Pokemon Go" cellphone game, reports CBS affiliate KPHO.

A neighbor found the 2-year-old boy outside Thursday night and called authorities, according to the Pinal County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said that when they arrived, the child was screaming and crying while attempting to get back into his home. They said the boy was barefoot and wearing only a diaper and a T-shirt. The child was reportedly red-faced, sweaty and dirty.

Deputies found the house unlocked and searched inside for any adults, but found no one was home. They found a phone number for someone they believed was the boy's dad, and called it, Sheriff Paul Babeu told KPHO.

"And we tell him, 'This is the Sheriff's Department, we have your son.' And he says, 'Whatever,' and hangs up the phone," Babeu said.

Both parents showed up a while later and allegedly admitted they left their son home alone to go play "Pokemon Go," Babeu said.

Brianna Daley, 25, and Brent Daley, 27, of San Tan Valley, were arrested. They were charged with child endangerment and child neglect.

The boy is currently in state protective custody.

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