Pippa Middleton next to find Prince Charming?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - Prince William and Catherine Middleton - may be getting a lot of attention with their upcoming trip to North America. But back home, it is the sister of the bride, Pippa Middleton, who continues to dominate the tabloid headlines.

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Since her appearance on the royal wedding day in a clingy white gown, Pippa has been dubbed by some "her royal hotness." And now, CBS News Royal Contributor Victoria Arbiter, pointed out - she's available.

Arbiter said Alex Loudon, a successful businessman, former English cricket player and well-educated friend of Prince William, was definitely someone that would be good husband material. However, Arbiter said Pippa's newfound fame made the discrete and subtle man probably feel uncomfortable.

Celebrity Circuit: Pippa Middleton

"Early Show" co-anchor Russ Mitchell asked if her new fame has done anything to Pippa herself.

Arbiter replied it seems as if Pippa is enjoying the spotlight.

"She's enjoying all of the benefits of who her sister is," Arbiter said. "We've been seeing her in France ... she's talking about moving to France. She's supposedly talking about moving south of France. ... She's enjoying it and seeing it for the fun that it is."

So what characteristics would Pippa's Prince Charming have to have? Arbiter said it's someone who is loyal and discrete.

"Ultimately all roads lead back to the royal family. Pippa's not a member of the royal family, she's not required to behave a certain way, but when your sister is who she is, these are elements that you have to think about."

Arbiter continued, "He's also got to be someone who likes a good time. Pippa loves to party and she comes out of the nightclub looking as good as she went in, so she's not a scandal-ridden girl. But she also has to be with someone with a clean record. ... So a clean-cut gentleman, but also a gentleman, because we want no kissing-and-telling."

Mitchell added, "And lots of cash, too, I presume?"

"I would say so," Arbiter said. "Pippa moves in high social circles, there's no question. She definitely, as a result of where she went to school [and] because of Kate being with William, she mixes in high society circles. But it's one thing her ex-boyfriends all have in common: They're well-to-do society boyfriends with lots of money."

Arbiter said the most likely suitor at the moment - the man Pippa spends the most time with - is 26-year-old George Percy.

Arbiter said, "They were college flatmates. They're good friends. He's good person to be with if you're nursing a broken heart. He's from one of the wealthiest families in England. Should Pippa end up with him, she would be a duchess. So interesting, the sibling rivalry is good."

So is Alex Loudon completely out of the picture?

He probably is, according to Arbiter, but it doesn't erase the fact that he's been privy to many private family moments with the Middletons.

Arbiter said, "He was invited to the (royal) wedding...and at Kate's very private confirmation service, so surprising he's not in play, but maybe when Pippa's notoriety calms down a bit she might be running back."

A lot of people, though, would like to see Pippa and Prince Harry get together, Mitchell remarked. Is that a possibility?

"No, absolutely not," Arbiter said. "I think this is totally driven by the tabloids for tongue-in-cheek humor. Pippa and Harry are great friends. They're like family. I don't think that's a possibility - and Chelsey Davy still on the scene. Pippa and Chelsey are friends. It wouldn't be done to be treading on Chelsey's turf."