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Picking Up the Pieces In The Wake Of Michael Jackson's Death

NEW YORK (CBS) With the sudden passing of Michael Jackson last week, millions of people around the world are paying their respects to the King of Pop, yet the circumstances surrounding his death remain a mystery and raise even more questions about his life.

CBS News takes a look at both his legacy and the investigation into his death as part of the "48 Hours" special, "Michael Jackson: Picking Up the Pieces," anchored by Katie Couric on Tuesday, June 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

With the probe under way, many are awaiting answers as to just what happened when Jackson collapsed, amid speculation about his use of prescription pain killers.

The broadcast will take a look at Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician who reportedly found Jackson not breathing, shortly before the singer's death.

While Jackson's music has brought joy to so many, his life was riddled with controversy. "Michael Jackson: Picking Up the Pieces," will step back and look at the man whose strained relationship with his family, poor body image and plastic surgery eventually eclipsed his talent.

In creating a pop-music dynasty, Jackson amassed a fortune, one that provided him a life of excess, eventually plunging him into debt. In the wake of his death, Jackson leaves behind an estate in financial upheaval, which will likely take years to untangle. And the fate of Jackson's three children is also uncertain. The special will examine what lies ahead both financially and emotionally for those closest to him.

And despite all the questions that remain about who Michael Jackson really was, one thing is clear - his talent knew no boundaries and there has been no shortage of remembrances of his life and music. "Michael Jackson: Picking Up the Pieces,"will include the latest tributes - big and small - across the globe.

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