Pi Day paid tribute by calculating Pi with pies

(CBS News) Did you think I wasn't going to honor Pi Day today? Hello? Do I not have a trophy proclaiming me eighth in the state in a middle school Numbers Sense competition that I polish regularly? (Don't answer that). Of course I'm going to honor the mathematical holiday. So let's get our learn on by calculating Pi with... pies! I'd recommend the apple, I hear it's delicious.

The oddly apt and very sweet (literally) tribute to Pi Day was filmed at The Meadow Lane Stadium (or just Meadow Lane to many) in Nottingham, England, features Matt Parker and was posted by YouTube user Numberphile who writes about the aftermath: 

Clearly these pies were used for educational purposes... However during production of the video, Numberphile donated £314 to a local charity to provide food for people in Nottingham at times of crisis. 

I've gone ahead and included a director's cut (or "slice," if you will) below for those who are curious to watch and learn a little more today. And to check out more great mathematical work by Numberphile, be sure to visit their website by clicking here.  Happy Pi Day, everyone!