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Cow photobombs the Milky Way

One cow took photobombing to a whole new level, after crashing a photo of the Milky Way
Mooove over, Milky Way: Cow steals spotlight in photo 00:38

The Milky Way Galaxy has a sense of humor and it recently revealed itself in the most apt way possible. Photographer Stephen Ippolito was capturing starry images of the night sky from New Hampshire in September, when the galaxy appeared to speak to him.

With the Milky Way's glow above Ippolito, a sudden rumbling began underneath his feet.

"I hear what sounds like a herd of buffalo come charging in our direction," recounted Ippolito. "I jumped so high in nearly freaked me out."

Out of the darkness emerged a herd of cows who were trotting their way -- at full speed -- toward Ippolito and a fellow photographer. After the initial panic wore off, Ippolito realized life had just presented him with a unique opportunity.

Got Milky Way? Photographer Steven Ippolito takes a picture of the Milky Way that gets photobombed by a cow in New Hampshire Steven Ippolito

"I tried getting some pictures of the cows under the Milky Way, but they are a lot harder to take a picture of than the Harbor Seal," said Ippolito.

After a number of tries he finally snapped a photo of the cow and Milky Way worth sharing on his Instagram account.

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