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Phish Concerts Net Scores of Drug Arrests; Water Also Still Wet

Multiple Drug Arrests at Phish Concert, Water Also Still Wet
Phish performs March 15, 2010 (AP Photo/Jason DeCrow) AP Photo/Jason DeCrow

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CBS) It might surprise you to know that at the end of three days of Phish concerts Halloween weekend, Atlantic City police netted 64 drug related arrests and confiscated over $250,000 worth of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Wait, you're not surprised? Yeah we weren't either.

And neither was Atlantic City Police Chief Ernest Jubilee, who nearly tripled the on duty staff, including undercover cops, in anticipation, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

"People come here to have a good time," Jubilee said good-naturedly. "We may not agree with the way they have a good time, but that's what it is."

Among the bountiful drug bootie from the weekend were 70 tanks of nitrous oxide, more than 550 grams of marijuana, about 135 grams of mushrooms and more than 100 pills of various prescription narcotics, along with brownies, cookies and Rice Krispie treats laced with marijuana. Police also confiscated 21 cookies containing LSD, the paper reported.

The majority of the arrests happened after Saturday's show when 33 people were taken into custody, including six people who were arrested...for resisting arrest.

For the most part the weekend went smoothly, Jubilee told the Press, and only a few injuries were reported, mostly among the cops.  One officer hurt his hand arresting a man who fought back, and another off-duty officer was sprayed with nitrous oxide when he caught two men trying to sneak a tank upstairs at The Chelsea Hotel.

Another officer's radio was stolen while he was arresting a man but it was later returned by Trump Plaza security after they found it in a hallway.