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Pharma Roundup: Pfizer Buys Biotene, JAMA Opposes Wyeth, and More

Pfizer buys Biotene -- Biotene, known for mouthwashes and other products which alleviate dry mouth, is now a property of the pharmaceutical giant. The $170 million purchase nets Pfizer another consumer health care property (it owns several, including Aquafresh), and furthers the company's diversification into profitable consumer goods. [Source: In Vivo]

Regarding Wyeth preemption case, JAMA is against drug makers -- Big Pharma's eyes are on the upcoming Wyeth v. Levine Supreme Court case, which will set a precedent for whether consumers can sue drug makers in state courts when a federally-approved treatment causes harm. The Journal of the American Medical Association has published an editorial defending the right to sue. [Source: WSJ Health Blog]

Pharma companies behind the times on Web 2.0 -- BNET blogger Jim Edwards has published an article in Brandweek called "Why Pharma Fears Social Networking." The article explores why pharma companies have been slow to embrace bulletin boards, reviews, and other community features for their web content. [Source: Brandweek]

Roche still insists it will buy Genentech -- Although forecasting slow growth, the Swiss company remains convinced it will soon own all of the South San Francisco-based biotech. [Source: FiercePharma]

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