PETA invests in SeaWorld

SeaWorld Entertainment makes its initial public offering on April 19, 2013, on Wall Street.
SeaWorld Entertainment/PRNewsFoto

NEW YORK PETA has purchased newly issued shares of SeaWorld Entertainment (SEAS), the theme park company often targeted for protests by the animal rights group.

PETA told the Associated Press Tuesday that the group purchased 80 shares for more than $2,200 in last week's initial public offering of SeaWorld stock.

PETA officials said being shareholders will allow them to attend shareholder meetings and introduce resolutions.

The animal rights group wants SeaWorld to stop breeding and buying new animals at its parks in Florida, California and Texas.

"SeaWorld profits from depriving highly intelligent and social orcas and dolphins of everything that's natural and important to them and forcing them to perform meaningless tricks for a reward of dead fish," said PETA in a statement to CBS MoneyWatch Tuesday.

The organization also wants SeaWorld to set its whales and dolphins free.

"PETA purchased stock in SeaWorld during the initial public offering, and as part owner in the company, we will submit shareholder proposals to educate other investors about the suffering endured by the orcas, dolphins, and other animals who are confined to tiny barren tanks for human amusement and push for their release," said PETA.

SeaWorld told the Associated Press that the company anticipated PETA's purchase. SeaWorld will try to do for PETA what it does for any other shareholder: create investor value.