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Perino: "The Cleaner The Better, The Quicker The Better"

White House Press Secretary Dana Perino reiterated the administration's desire for a bailout bill narrowly focused on Wall Street on Monday, a statement that likely won't sit well with Democratic leaders angling to include tough new regulations in the proposed $700 billion legislation.

"The cleaner the better and the quicker the better, and the way that you get a clean and quick bill is to make sure that it is clearly, narrowly targeted to giving the Treasury these authorities in order to help stabilize the market," Perino told reporters aboard Air Force One.

"One of the things...that we're primarily concerned the need to get this done quickly," said Perino. "In our experience, the quickest way to get something done is to do it cleanly."

Democrats have been pushing to include limits on CEO compensation, aid to homeowners facing foreclosure and new regulations for Wall Street in the bill.

Lawmakers from both parties have already raised concerns over the pressure the White House is exerting to pass a bill in the coming days, some arguing that it gives Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson too much power.

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