People having an "extremely" fun time (with parkour and jetpacks in snow and water)

(CBS News) While I may be working indoors on this President's Day holiday, I'm still determined to have fun. And the best way I can think to to do that is to experience it vicariously through other people having a lot of fun outdoors. We kick things off with some winter parkour in the snow.

The case of "cold extremes" highlights some very impressive feats performed and posted by professional free runner Ronnie Shalvis at The Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

And with a total flip in terms of climate, medium and location, we have another sample of fun in an extreme way with this latest video from Devin Graham (aka Devin Super Tramp)who has been featured on The Feed multiple times now. His latest work is set in San Diego, Calif., and mixes together water, sunshine and - wait for it - jet packs! Watch some extreme fun in the sun below.